About the Microscale BioSeparations (MBS) Lab

The MSB Lab is currently looking for a PhD student to start in the Fall 2018. The research topic is electrokinetic analysis and manipulation of bioparticles (virus and cells) employing microfluidic devices. Interested applicants should email Dr. Blanca Lapizco-Encinas at Email: bhlbme@rit.edu.

The MBS Lab is a research group working on separation, sorting, and detection techniques of nano- and microbioparticles. We focus on the following electrokinetics techniques: dielectrophoresis, electrophoresis and electroosmosis.

Our main objective is to develop robust and rapid microfluidic-based techniques to offer an alternative to traditional bench scale separation/purification processes. Our ultimate goal is to create portable laboratories in the style of "lab on a chip".

We work with a wide array of bioparticles including proteins, DNA, viruses, bacteria, yeast, microalgae and mammalian cells.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Blanca H. Lapizco Encinas

Associate Professor
Microscale Bioseparations Laboratory
Biomedical Engineering Department
Rochester Institute of Technology
Email: bhlbme@rit.edu
Phone: 585-475-2773
Fax: 585-475-5041